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City Clerk David Olson confirmed via an email to a Village 14 contributor today that Christoper Markiewicz, the mysterious but presumed next Ward 4 City Councilor did not pull his own nomination papers at City Hall.

This means that either someone else gave him a copy of theirs to use or he made his own legally conforming documents, both of which are allowable, but not typical in Newton. (For example, Markewitz  was the only Ward 4 candidate who did not follow this tradition.  Jay Harney, Lenny Gentile, Josh Krintzman and Diana Fisher Gomberg all pulled their own nomination papers at City Hall.)

Markewitz’ nomination papers were certified by the election commission nearly two weeks ago — Tuesday July 25 — the last day candidates are allowed to file. He filed with the state‘s Office of Campaign and Political Finance on July 26.

But it wasn’t until Aug. 4, that incumbent Jay Harney surprised a lot of folks when he announced his decision not to seek reelection, leaving Markewitz as the only candidate and presumed winner by default.

Even though it’s been nearly two weeks since being certified, Markewitz still does not have a known web site or Facebook page or other online presence.  He was the only candidate who did not provide the TAB with a bio or photo for last week’s special section. He did not submit a candidate column to Village 14.  

According to Harney’s statement from last week, Harney and fellow councilors Sangiolo and Gentile support his candidacy. But other than that,  no one on this blog has posted a comment saying they know him, let alone support him.

Now it’s very possible that I’ve overlooked something, if so please share links in the comments below. And Chris we’d all love to hear from you the most.   You can start by telling us who pulled your nomination papers?




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