“Better Bus” project proposals

“Better Bus” project proposals

The MBTA is taking a different approach to reassessing their bus routes this year with the Better Bus project. Instead of asking how to cut service, they’re asking how to improve reliability, travel times, and overall ridership. Best of all, the MBTA is looking...

Mayor Fuller advocates for commuter rail improvements

Jenna Fisher of the Patch reports that Mayor Fuller spoke to the MBTA control board today to make the case for upgrades to provide accessible, frequent transportation at all three of Newton’s Commuter Rail stations. In addition to advocating for Newton residents who need better access to transit, she made it clear that improved service is key to the Washington Street corridor vision to support future development.

The article reports new cost estimates for

New Green Line trains coming to a T station near you

The first of 24 new Green Line cars has arrived in Massachusetts for testing and is expected to join the Green Line fleet this summer,  the Globe reports. The new trolleys, known as “Type 9,” differ slightly from existing Green Line cars: They can fit about 10 percent...

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