New Green Line trains coming to a T station near you

The first of 24 new Green Line cars has arrived in Massachusetts for testing and is expected to join the Green Line fleet this summer,  the Globe reports. The new trolleys, known as “Type 9,” differ slightly from existing Green Line cars: They can fit about 10 percent...

Self Driving Cars and the Future of the T

In a comment on one of the many transportation-related posts that have circulated Village 14 this week, Councilor Jim Cote suggested that we post the article from the Boston Globe Magazine which takes the stance that self-driving cars will make the T obsolete. Titled...
Should Newton consider bus only lanes and traffic lights?

Should Newton consider bus only lanes and traffic lights?

Four communities have just received a grant to “test ideas like bus-only lanes and traffic signals that give buses priority at busy intersections,” the Globe reports today.

According to the foundation, Arlington will use the money for its one-month test to improve service on Massachusetts Avenue during the morning rush, which could include a bus-only lane. Cambridge and Watertown are planning to create all-day bus lanes on parts of Mount Auburn Street. And Everett, which already sacrificed a lane of parking for bus-only traffic in 2016, plans to make two stops on that route easier to access for wheelchairs and strollers.


All four communities also plan to test “transit signal prioritization” on these routes, technology that lengthens green lights and shortens red lights depending on how near or far a bus is from an intersection.

Is this an idea that should be tested in Newton and, if so, where would you suggest putting these bus only accommodations?

MBTA to Perform (more) Tree Work Along Green Line

Portions of the Riverside line are shutting down for THREE consecutive weekends for maintenance. One wonders how many more trees there are to prune. H/T to Srdj Nedeljkovic for pointing this out. BOSTON- The MBTA has retained the services of North Eastern Tree...
Transportation Talk Postponed

Transportation Talk Postponed

The City and the Newton-Needham Regional Chamber had a talk scheduled for Friday morning (tomorrow) about the city’s transportation plan. Unfortunately, it’s now postponed due to illness, so if you planned to attend please…um… don’t.  The...