Another city councilor blocks a resident

Another city councilor blocks a resident

It’s the second time something like this has been reported, except this time the councilor’s twitter account seems specifically intended for constituent service, and the blocked user was an actual constituent. The action seems to have been taken due to persistent criticism. When is it acceptable for a councilor to block a constituent?

Mayor Fuller advocates for commuter rail improvements

Jenna Fisher of the Patch reports that Mayor Fuller spoke to the MBTA control board today to make the case for upgrades to provide accessible, frequent transportation at all three of Newton’s Commuter Rail stations. In addition to advocating for Newton residents who need better access to transit, she made it clear that improved service is key to the Washington Street corridor vision to support future development.

The article reports new cost estimates for

MBTA to Perform (more) Tree Work Along Green Line

Portions of the Riverside line are shutting down for THREE consecutive weekends for maintenance. One wonders how many more trees there are to prune. H/T to Srdj Nedeljkovic for pointing this out. BOSTON- The MBTA has retained the services of North Eastern Tree...

Improving the council without a home rule petition

Village 14 citizen Andrew Greene poses the following question (I paraphrase): Even if a home rule petition were approved by the council and the mayor to downsize the council this fall — to 8/8 or any other configuration — the soonest a referendum could be...

A vision for the Washington Street corridor

Jeff Speck recently presented his vision for the Washington Street corridor to the Newton-Needham Chamber, building upon the recent plan for West Newton Square, extending through Newtonville towards Newton Corner.  The main theme is a road diet.  By eliminating underutilized roadway, Newton could create a far more attractive streetscape, open up new opportunities for recreation, transportation safety improvements, public transit, and yes, development.

A road diet might even improve traffic conditions, channelling traffic and eliminating conflicts that come with vehicles changing lanes.  A two-way cycle track along the pike could provide top-notch bicycle facilities  The idea of a road diet and cycle track along the pike is not new; it has been the subject of previous studies and TAG has been pitching it for several years now.  With

Houston: for a Better Newton

Houston: for a Better Newton

I would like to introduce myself to many in Newton whom I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting. I am Braden Houston and I have been living in Newton for over 15 years. Along with my wife Jennifer and our two daughters Beckett (10) and Blake (5), we have made...