Globe columnist: Northland shuttles could be an ‘intriguing model for other developers’

Boston Globe business columnist John Chesto is intrigued by Northland’s proposed shuttle bus system:

…Northland would pay for shuttle buses to bring residents of the complex to nearby train stations, and even to Boston and Cambridge. The big twist: The public, not just tenants, would be able to hop on board.

and this…

Newton Schools to present enrollment projections Monday

The Class Size and Enrollment Report will be presented at the School Committee meeting Monday January 28, 7 p.m. at the Ed Center.  Presented annually, the report contains current year statistics and includes projections for future enrollment, including how many new...
Balser’s gender equity bill becomes law

Balser’s gender equity bill becomes law

A bill filed by Newton State Rep. Ruth Balser and State Sen, Jason Lewis to prevent gender discrimination in disability insurance was signed into law Thursday by Governor Charlie Baker. In the state-regulated individual insurance market, women pay more than men for...
Newton’s ‘hiring crisis’ weighs heavily on our local businesses

Newton’s ‘hiring crisis’ weighs heavily on our local businesses

Here’s a column I wrote for the TAB about how a very tight labor marking may impact Newton businesses in 2019. And here’s one excerpt…

The good news is local business is booming. Generally speaking, our merchants, restaurants owners and many other businesses operating in our village centers and commercial districts report that 2018 was a good year.

The bad news is that an alarmingly large number of those same employers say their ability to be successful in 2019 will largely hinge — not on their ability to attract enough customers — but their ability to find enough employees.

Globe columnist wonders: Is the bike-lane fever breaking?

Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby cites statistics showing a drop in bike commuting in his latest column.

Considering the billions of dollars that federal, state, and local governments have poured into bicycle infrastructure over the past decade, the steady drop in cycling amounts to a sharp vote of no confidence in bicycles as the much-touted wave of transportation’s future. So maybe it’s time for public officials and policy makers to turn their backs on the militant, self-righteous bike lobby and

Mary jane at Mary Ann’s and manufacturing zones

Mary jane at Mary Ann’s and manufacturing zones

The prospect of the bar Mary Ann’s — located just over the Newton line at Cleveland Circle — become a recreational marijuana shop is worrying some abutters and Boston College Police Chief William Evans.

Meanwhile here in Newton Ward 6 Councilor Greg Schwartz sent the email below yesterday to the Newton Highlands list serve in response to objections about his proposal to add some manufacturing zoning districts to the allowable locations for recreational

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