Hello, parking ban!

Starting tonight, Nov. 15 through April 15, drivers are not allowed to park on any City of Newton street for longer than one hour between the hours of 2 a.m.-6 a.m.  Discuss....
New Art Center executive director departs

New Art Center executive director departs

This just in from the New Art Center in Newtonville Dear Members of the New Art Center Community, I am writing to inform you of a recent administrative change at the New Art Center. Dan Elias has resigned his position as Executive Director. During his tenure, he made...
FBI: 12 hate crimes reported in Newton last year

FBI: 12 hate crimes reported in Newton last year

There was an increase in the number of hate crimes reported in Massachusetts and the rest of the nation overall, according to new data released by the FBI. FBI says hate crimes reports were up about 17 percent in 2017 nationwide, marking a rise for the third year in a...
Albright: Our marijuana zoning ordinance was done with care to protect our citizens

Albright: Our marijuana zoning ordinance was done with care to protect our citizens

Newton City Councilor Susan Albright, who is chair of the council’s Zoning & Planning committee, had some enlightening comments on an earlier thread about the research she conducted in her role as chair of the committee charged with determining where adult use recreational marijuana shops could locate, if Newton voters reject the Opt-Out referendum Tuesday. It seemed interesting and timely, so I republishing most of it here.

I have talked to many people from states that currently allow adult use. I asked one woman in the Dept of Public Health in Oregon (whom I had called to find data on teenage use) whether there was an adult use shop in her town. She said yes – I asked her what happened there, was she scared to go there? Were there kids hanging around? Were the police frequently called? Was there Trouble with a capital T that rhymes with P that stands for Pool? (sorry I didn’t ask her about Pool). I wanted to get a sense for how she felt about this shop. She said she never went there but it was totally quiet and caused no problems in the town. I got similar answers from whomever i called, including the son of one of my Tufts college friends who works in one in Denver.

I imagine this is what life was like when they were deciding to prohibit liquor. The prohibitionists scared the public that liquor was the foundation of all our problems and the ruination of society – hence we got prohibition. And then had it undone years later.

Our marijuana zoning ordinance was done with care to protect our citizens and to put a store – which is what an adult use shop is – in a place where it was appropriate.

A post Halloween tale

This was posted on the Next Door Newton site…. All, I posted last night about my disappointment in our first West Newton Halloween that the whole basket of candy we left out while we took our young kids trick or treating was taken in one swoop by two boys around...

NewTV and Ross Decter launch ‘School Matters’

Former Newton School Committee member Margie Ross Decter has just launched a new series on NewTV called “School Matters,” a program that aims to raise “awareness of educational issues of local and national importance, and the efforts of students and the school community to make an impact by improving our community and the world around us.”

Here’s the premiere episode

School Matters: Student Activism from NewTV on Vimeo.


School Matters airs Monday-Friday at 5:30pm, Saturday and Sunday at 7:30pm on NewTV’s Education Channel (Comcast 99, RCN 3, 582 (HD), Verizon 32).


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