Why so many apartments? Meet the ‘lifestyle renters’

Every so often during discussions about the various mixed use proposals before the city, someone will inevitably ask:
Why are all these proposals for apartments? Why aren’t they proposing condominiums?
Part of the answer, of course is, not everyone can afford the down payments or has the credit to own. But as a recent NPR report explains, there’s also a growing population that

Keyes Drug offers free medication return

Keys Drug in Auburndale is now accepting unused, unwanted, or expired prescription and over-the-counter medications as a free service to the community. Keyes has established a locked, safe and secure MedCollect medication collection cabinet in order to reduce the...
Coletti alleges former colleagues benefited financially from holding office

Coletti alleges former colleagues benefited financially from holding office

I brought this up on earlier threads, but after thinking more about it over the weekend, it seemed worthy of being its own thread.

During the Ward 5 City Council debate candidate Paul Coletti, who is running this fall a decade after having served as a member of Newton’s Board of Aldermen for 32 years, made a revelation that startled me when he alleged that “many, many” of his former board colleagues profited personally “doing business with the very people they were giving permits to.”

Hobson: Fuller should be Riverside’s ‘loudest cheerleader’

Hobson: Fuller should be Riverside’s ‘loudest cheerleader’

The following originally appeared as a letter to the editor in this week’s Newton TAB. Reprinted with permission.

In a recent newsletter, Mayor Fuller informs us that the plan for Riverside has been scaled back in response to “neighbors’ concerns,” which “also means a reduction in community benefits.” She suggests attending the next City Council hearing, if we “want to be involved.” I can almost hear, “Or whatever.”

The lack of enthusiasm in the Mayor’s message is unsettling. A year ago, she signed the Metro Mayors Coalition Housing Task Force Compact with 14 other area leaders (housingtaskforce.mapc.org), affirming the dire regional housing shortage and pledging to do all she could to alleviate it.

At the time, she told the Boston Globe that housing proposals in Newton faced tough neighborhood opposition, but she had faith in the