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Photo from June 20 of the “closed” Crystal Lake beach.

What do you think about this letter to the editor in the TAB

Free swim

There has been a festive feeling at Crystal Lake this summer. In an ironic twist, COVID-19 brought a complete lapse of rules and regulations regarding who came to swim in the lake.

The absence of an admission fee and no set hours of operation opened our lovely neighborhood lake and coves to a sea of colors, aromas and sports. No docks or ropes left the water open for all types of human propelled boats and floats. With a spontaneous community of watchers, there were no accidents.

Most joyful of all, were all the languages. A garden of sounds and laughter carried out onto the streets.

If this plague ever leaves, I urge us to reflect upon what we have gained as a city. Hopefully, we can incorporate this openness into the way we regulate and fund this resource, so as to keep the door ajar. Our community is better for it.

Judith Meirowitz Tischler

Lakewood Road, Newton Highlands

Should Crystal Lake be deregulated and open to all all the time?