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One of the more interesting contests this fall has to be the ward 3 city council contest between Julia Malakie and Carolina Ventura  who are running for the seat being vacated by Barbara Brousal-Glaser.

By all accounts, Malakie would seem to have the advantage and I consider her the favorite to win on Nov. 5.  Malakie has campaign experience and a strong base of followers, having run at large twice and coming close last time. She’s been active in city politics and community service for decades, most notably with the Urban Tree Commission but also with the Newton Villages Alliance.  She’s a regular at many meetings, and has a hyperactive social media presence, including –when she hasn’t been a candidate — as a Village 14 blogger. 

In contrast, most folks don’t know much about Ventura. I know I don’t.  At least not yet.

So it was interesting today to hear that the two at large city councilors from Ward 3 — Jim Cote and Andrea Kelley — have both endorsed Ventura. And so has former Ward 3 At Large Councilor Ted Hess-Mahan.  In fact all four were together for a campaign event at Hess-Mahan’s last night.


You can view all of Ventura’s endorsements here . I don’t see a list of Malakie’s on her site (someone correct me if I’m missing it) but I know she’s been endorsed by Opt-Out Newton and Right Sized Newton.

I don’t usually put a lot of stock in endorsements and I still think Malakie is the likely favorite to win and so do many other folks I’ve talked to. But her Ward 3 endorsements suggest that this might be closer than I’ve assumed.