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Thanks goodness for Jenna Fisher at Patch who continues to explore the meeting of eleven female Newton City Councilors that attendees say was “a back yard wine and cheese conversation” about the “appropriateness of the way women were being treated” but is the subject of an anonymous Open Meeting Law complaint, now being investigated by the city solicitor.

In the complaint to the Attorney General’s office, someone alleged all of the women on the Newton City Council who went to a May 20 event violated Open Meeting Law by holding a meeting to talk about council business. But a number of people at the event, described as a back yard wine and cheese conversation, said they did not talk about any official business. Instead, multiple city councilors told Patch the purpose was to talk about decorum during meetings. At least two asked for advice from the city clerk and at least one told Laredo as much in an effort to be transparent, they said. One councilor said after the group met, another councilor said she would circle back to Laredo and share what was discussed at the gathering.

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