Just confirmed rumors that there is a claim filed to the City Clerk, the President of the City Council and the AG’s Office of an alleged Open Meeting Law Violation by some City Council members. Read here

According to the Attorney General’s website, a complaint must first be filed with the public body alleged to have violated the law within 30 days of the violation using the AG’s Complaint Form and a copy of the complaint must be filed with the municipal clerk.  The Chair of the Public Body must distribute the Complaint to members of the public body and the public body has 14 business days from the date of receipt of the complaint to take remedial action if appropriate; notify the complainant of the remedial action; and forward a copy of the complaint and its response, including a description of any remedial action taken, to the Attorney General’s Office. The public body must also send a copy of its response to the complainant….”A complaint is ripe for review is ripe for review by the Attorney General’s Office 30 days after the complaint is filed with the public body. This 30-day period provides an opportunity for the complainant and the public body to resolve the initial complaint. It is important to note that complaints are not automatically filed with the Attorney General’s Office upon filing with the public body. A complainant seeking further review of the complaint by the Division of Open Government must file the complaint with the Attorney General. When filing the complaint with the Attorney General, the complainant must include a copy of the original complaint and may include any other relevant materials, including an explanation of why the complainant is not satisfied with the public body’s response…The Attorney General’s Office will seek to resolve complaints in a reasonable period of time, generally within 90 days of the complaint becoming ripe for review.”

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