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Jenna Fisher at Newton Patch has just posted a story about the anonymous open meeting law complaint against 11 female Newton City Councilors, including this explanation from Councilor Maria Greenberg

“The purpose of the get together was just to speak about the appropriateness of the way women were being treated [in the Chamber],” said Councilor Maria Scibelli Greenberg. “We didn’t know what the protocol was there. We wanted to get together with the experienced councilors and ask them how we could handle it in the future.”

She described the event as social gathering to vent and commiserate. “I guess you could characterize it as a mini support group session for the new councilors,” she told Patch.

Fisher also reports that City Clerk David Olson said Councilor Brenda Noel..

.. asked him if some of the female Councilors could get together at her house. Olson told Patch he said he advised that as long as they were not talking about anything that was before the Council, it should not be a problem.


Julie Cohen at the TAB has also just posted a story exploring the nature of the complaint as it applies to Crescent Street and adding this…

According to the state’s Open Meeting Law regulations, a public body need not, and the Attorney General will not, investigate or address anonymous complaints.

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