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Even without charter change, Newton’s city council is about to undergo a major transformation.

Six long-time city councilors —  Scott Lennon, Ted Hess-Mahan, Brian Yates, Ruthanne Fuller, Amy Sangiolo and Jay Harney  — plus  Dick Blazar are all entering their final few weeks as members of a body that has seen only modest turnover in recent years.

With those departures comes a significant amount of institutional leadership and, of course, a vacancy for council president, who is the person who appoints the council’s very important committee chairs, vice chairs and members.

Cheryl Lappin,  Marc Laredo and Susan Albright are all believed to be actively running for council president. It’s also possible that other councilors will vie for the job or else trade their votes in exchange for a plum committee post. 

All members of what will be next year’s council will participate in the December caucus vote. So councilor-elects Maria Greenberg, Andrea Kelley, Andreae Downs, Brenda Noel, Becky Grossman, Josh Krintzman and Chris Markowitz, will take their first important vote since being elected a few weeks before being sworn in this January. 


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