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To date, nine sitting city councilors have endorsed Council President Scott Lennon for mayor (Jay Ciccone, Jim Cote, Jay Harney, Amy Sangiolo, Lenny Gentile, John Rice, Cheryl Lappin, Rick Lipof & David Kalis) while four have endorsed their colleague Ruthanne Fuller (Lisle Baker, Susan Albright, Jake Auchincloss and Deb Crossley).

That leaves nine of their fellow councilors (Alison Leary, Emily Norton, Barbara Brousal-Glaser, Ted Hess-Mahan, Brian Yates, Richard Blazar, Greg Schwartz, Vicky Danberg and Marc Laredo) who have either chosen to remain neutral of who have yet to jump in.

Do these endorsements tell you anything about the candidates?  Might these endorsements influence your decision on Nov. 7? 

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