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Village14 is intended as a forum for discussing Newton issues.  We have a few simple rules and a few suggestions to help Village14 avoid the fate of many on-line forums.

Moderation – This blog, like all blogs, is under constant attack from spam.  One of the technical defenses against that is first-time posts by a new user are automatically sent to “moderation.”  The comment will only go up on the site after one of the editors has read it and approved it.  Likewise the system will also automatically send certain comments to moderation if they appear suspicious to the system – e.g. include containing multiple links.

Hard and Fast Rules – Anybody violating the following rules may be blocked from the site and their comments removed.

  1.  All commenters must use a single identity when commenting on Village14.
  2. Posting overtly commercial material is not allowed.
  3. When creating an identity on Village14 you must use a valid email address, which will be kept private.
  4. Sock puppeting (when an anonymous user pretends to be someone they’re not with intent to deceive) is strictly prohibited. For example, if an elected official, city employee, candidate, developer, or close associate (such as an immediate family member, employee, campaign worker, etc.) of one of those people, comments anonymously about a person or an issue relevant to his/her city job, business with the city, office, office sought, or election, that would be a violation. If you are discovered to be sock puppet you may be blocked from participating here and outed on the blog post in question.

In the case of someone accidentally running afoul of these rules, we’re generally willing (though not obligated) to give you a second chance as long as you agree to follow the rules in the future.

Judgment Calls – On occasion, specific comments may be removed based on the subjective judgment (see guidelines below) of Village14.  Commenters who continue to post problematic material may eventually just be blocked from the site.  When possible, whenever a specific comment is called into question and considered for removal, a number of Village 14 bloggers are consulted for their opinions.   We try to a use a light hand but removal of comments is totally at the discretion of Village14. Please note: We do not edit comments; either we allow the full comment or we remove it.

Guidelines – Here’s some general suggestions for just keeping the conversation civilized enough that people will continue to have an interest in reading and contributing to Village14

  •  Avoid personal attacks of others, particularly other people who are commenting on a topic.
  •  By all means be as strenuous in your objections to anyone’s actions or words but try to avoid questioning their motives.  If you insist on questioning their motives then please back it up with information.
  •  In general, avoid profanity, particularly when aiming comments at an individual.
  •  Avoid mentioning Nazis, rape, genocide, etc unless that’s the topic being discussed.
  •  Try not to post anything that you wouldn’t be comfortable saying in person.
  •  Conversations do meander but avoid overtly hijacking a thread to a totally different topic with no connection.
  • All are welcome to use either their real identity or a pseudonym as their Village14 identity.

The intent of these guidelines is to promote public conversation among as wide a swath of our citizenry as possible.  If given a choice, not many of us willingly stay in a room listening to a few people screaming and hurling insults at each other.  The same is true for on-line conversations.  Feel free to be as passionate and opinionated as you like, just try to keep it from turning nasty.

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