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I hardly ever write about Newton-Needham Chamber events on Village 14. But I can’t resist sharing this photo taken at our annual members celebration event Thursday at the Newton Marriott featuring both current members of our city council and several candidates. 

From left, Councilor Cheryl Lappin, Councilor Alison Leary, candidate Andrea Kelley, Councilor Susan Albright, candidate Andreae Downs, candidate Rebecca Walker Grossman, candidate Brenda Noel and Councilor Deb Crossley

BTW, there were several dude city councilors there last night, including Scott Lennon, Rick Lipof, Lenny Gentile and Jay Harney. I’m not sure if they were invited to be part of this photo or not.  Councilor Amy Sangiolo  was there too but have to leave early.  Photo by Leise Jones.


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