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An editorial in the Globe today challenges the MBTA to take inspiration from  Bridj, the start-up, bus company that is testing the market with service from Coolidge Corner  — and “think about new ways to use data to improve it own customers’ experience.”

The implications of reinventing public transportation with a customer focus that has the capacity to react in real time are profound. Only about 30 percent of jobs are accessible in the Boston metro area to the average citizen in 90 minutes via transit, according to a 2011 report by the Brookings Institute. And Boston has the third-highest share of households without cars in the country. If the service is capable of spreading out to the suburbs, it could do a lot to relieve highway congestion — for there is nothing more inefficient that a single occupant driving to work.

Would you use a service like Bridj if it was available from near your home to your office?   Do you use the MBTA buses now? And which part of Newton are most in need of improved mass transit right now?

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