Tom Mountain says he’s leaving Newton

Tom Mountain says he’s leaving Newton

Indisputably, the most important news from the Nov 27 school committee public hearing was the overwhelming public push back from teachers, students, alumni, community members, mayor, school committee and other elected leaders strongly refuting unproven claims of an anti-Semitic bias in Newton school curriculum.

But there was also a side drama from Newton Republican City Committee Chair Tom Mountain.

During his three minute testimony, Mountain never even raised the curriculum matter. Instead he seemed to be calling for the hiring of public school officials based on political party registration. And then Mountain then broke some news when

Newton GOP head:  Synagogue murderer was actually ‘anti-Trump’

Newton GOP head: Synagogue murderer was actually ‘anti-Trump’

I’ve asked this question here before but feel compelled to do so again:

Newton Republicans…why do you still let Tom Mountain represent you?

Mountain is chair of the Newton Republican City Committee. He was in the news again this weekend for calling the police when a group of dozens of Jewish protesters stood in a circle outside of the state headquarters of the Massachusetts Republican Party in Boston.

He told reporters, the protesters were “a disgrace to the Jewish people” and “an embarrassment to this country” and that the gunman who murdered 11 Jews at a Pittsburgh Temple was actually an “anti-Trump white supremacist.” (Never mind the fact that the gunman said he was motivated by those Trump-fueled fears about the migrant caravan.)

Later Mountain had this to say