The Boston Globe has just published this guide for Newton’s Nov. 5 City Council elections. and a separate story on the legal advice the city gave councilors and candidates about responding to questions about Northland and Riverside.

Nineteen of the 33 respondents declined to give their opinions or offered no position on the proposed developments. Ten others offered partial answers, which included opinions on specific aspects of the projects.

Four candidates — all challengers — directly said whether they supported or opposed the projects.

and later…

McKenna, of the Pioneer Institute, said Ocasio Giuliani’s reasoning is sound, and city councilors must respect the special permit process and not appear biased during deliberations. But it’s not necessary that Newton’s top elected board — the City Council — take on this role.

“It would make a great deal of sense to have that function in a non-elective board,” he said. “If it were a separate board, it would not be an issue of candidates not answering questions.”



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