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Yesterday the Chair of Newton’s Republican City Committee issued a statement fully supporting President Trump’s racist statements that a group of four congresswomen of color should “go back” to where they came from.

You can read Newton Republican City Committee Chair Tom Mountain’s full statement here, but here’s an excerpt:

The American people are tired of the unrelenting trashing of America by these four radical left-wing Congresswomen. President Trump was right to call them out, “If they hate our country, if they are unhappy here, they can leave.”

Or, to reference the motto of a prior generation, “America, love it or leave it.”


I doubt most Newton Republicans agree with their city committee’s chair.

I also doubt that most, or at least many, members of the Newton Republican City Committee — many of whom I know to be great, thoughtful, people — agree with their chair.

So why do these committee members still allow Tom Mountain to continue to speak for them?

According to the last census, 20% of Newton residents — that’s one out of every five of us — were born in another country.  Do the other nine Newton Republican City Committee members believe that 20 percent of their Newton neighbors should “leave America” if they don’t meet Mountain’s and Trump’s litmus test?

It would be instructive to hear from them.  Here’s their names and email addresses*

Susan Huffman (vice chair)

Sande Young (vice chair)

Anil Adyanthaya (recording secretary)

Debra Shapiro (corresponding secretary)

Bob Bombara (treasurer)

Mark Cestari (ward 1 chair)

Alan Dechter (ward 2 chair)

Traute Marshal (ward 3 chair)

Josh Norman (ward 4 chair)

Susan Huffman (ward 5 chair)

Debra Shapiro (ward 6 chair)

Daniel Groob (ward 7 chair)

Terry Sack (ward 8 chair)

*These email addresses, except for Mark Cestari, are all listed on the City Committee’s website.