rah Luria writes in the TAB..

… their claim that they are not invoking NIMBY became less credible at the Land Use Committee Meeting at City Hall on Tuesday, June 25, when they offered a 100 percent negative response to Mark Development’s proposal and repeatedly asked “how would you like to live next to this?” Further, their adherence to the letter rather than spirit of the ruling that the City Council will “not approve any project that will “adversely affect” a neighborhood makes one lose any hope for progress: What neighborhood can’t argue “adverse effects” from any change? If they are sincere in their oft-voiced commitment to green development, more affordable housing, and more housing and commercial development, then Right Size Newton should work with Mark Development on the plan that is under review, as Green Newton is.

and she adds later….

Let’s be clear: Auburndale and Newton Lower Falls extend way beyond Riverside and will still be lovely. But those already living on the villages’ edge will suffer the brunt of the development’s effects. Of course they are upset. They are doing us all a service by asking that Riverside be as attractive as it can be. But match idealism to realism; think positively, and let’s get this project underway.

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