One year ago, a significantly different Newton City Council was getting ready to be sworn in.

In addition to a new president (Marc Laredo), vice president (David Kalis) the council featured seven new members —Maria Scibelli Greenberg, Andrea W. Kelley, Christopher J. Markiewicz, Joshua KrintzmanAndreae Downs, Brenda Noel and Rebecca Walker Grossman replacing several long time veteran councilors (most notably Scott Lennon, Ted-Hess Mahan, Amy Sangilo, Brian Yates and, of course, Ruthanne Fuller).

It’s was also the first council that was evenly divided between 12 women and 12 men.

Just over a year ago, we asked you to share their hopes for this new council? Your answers are here.

And now, with this council holding its final full meeting of 2018 tonight,  how you think they did?  Which councilors stood out, surprised, annoyed or disappointed you?  How effective were they representing you or addressing issues that mattered to you most? What do you hope to see from this group of 24 in 2019?


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