Put me in the the-cartoon-is-tone-deaf camp.* But, as important is it is to be on the lookup for gender-stereotyping, the sexism debate obscures the visionary genius in Mark Marderosian’s cartoon. The city ought to sell the police station property. 

The site is a prime mixed-use opportunity and redevelopment could really bridge the east and west sides of West Newton Square, creating a continuous commercial streetscape, with residential above retail.

The police station, almost by definition, generates a lot of vehicular traffic and requires a lot of parking. If the city were building it today, it would never plop it smack in the middle of a village center. Better if the station — and its traffic — were on the outskirts of the square, east a bit on Washington Street. I’m not sure what exact properties Robert Korf owns or controls, but the city should fulfill Mark’s vision and explore a swap.

*The conceit of the cartoon is great, but the highly gendered setup and language is, at best, cringeworthy.

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