One of the joys I had as editor of the TAB was going into my inbox on Mondays and opening Mark Marderosian’s editorial cartoon. Even these past couple months since leaving, his artwork on the opinion page was always one of the first items I’d look for.

Mind you, I more often than not disagreed with Mark’s take on the issues, which in recent years have been heavily focused on the citywide debate over development. Nevertheless, I almost always had a good chuckle while reading them and appreciated his community spirit.

Sadly, Mark’s most recent cartoon for the TAB was rejected by the editors there. He told me they thought it could be taken as “sexist.” I don’t really see it that way and so we will publish it here. (For those of you wondering, the woman in the middle is supposed to be our fine mayor and the caller on the line is developer Robert Korff. The cartoon is linked below.)

Mark Marderosian, a Newton native, had been creating cartoons for the TAB for more than a decade. He told me today it would be the last one he will create for the paper (though I’m hopeful if he is inspired and has the time he might create a few special editions for V14 in the future).

5_9_18_Tab (1)


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