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When looking through the collaborative zoning map recently I was struck by a comment in my neighborhood. Someone had suggested turning a stretch of Albermarle Rd., which has no driveways, into parkland. It made complete sense since the one-block road is unnecessary. In fact, a few years ago the city made the left-hand turn there illegal because people were using it as a way to avoid a traffic light. 

This also came to mind when I watched the video about Washington Street and saw how changes in the street can take areas back from cars and give them to pedestrians for public space. New York City has done this in places that, years ago, would seem crazy, like Times Square.

But there are other places in this city in which we can increase public greenery without greatly impacting traffic flow. Think about streets that are currently wide, but have a 25 mph or 30 mph speed limit. Consider roads that are underutilized or corners that can be closed off, like what the city did at Lowell St. and Watertown St.

So I’ve created a map and I invite people to add to it. You can find it here.  I opened it to sharing, but sometimes Google makes these things tough to work with. If anyone has a better suggestion for a tool, I’m open to ideas.

I put up a couple of suggestions, but I’m curious to see what people come up with.