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Mayor-Elect Ruthanne Fuller’s Transition Team has completed its final report, a more than 100 page document with recommendations for the new administration.

Read it here.

The report, entitled “Community Voices: Thoughts, Findings, Strategies and Ideas for the Future of Newton,” will be used to inform policy discussions of Mayor-Elect Fuller’s administration.

Put together by the transition team of 37 volunteers and a number of other community members with interests and expertise in a wide range of subjects, the report includes detailed information and policy suggestions in six areas: Community Engagement & Community Life; An All-Age Friendly Newton; Village Vitality, Economic Development & Housing Affordability; Environmental Sustainability; Transportation & Infrastructure; and Public Safety & Public Health.

“An extraordinary amount of thought and detail were put into this report by a group of dedicated volunteers,” said Mayor-Elect Fuller. “I want to thank each and every one of the people who worked so hard and devoted so many hours toward producing this informative report,” she said. “Their ideas and suggestions are already helping me.”

The transition team was assembled by Mayor-Elect Fuller just after her election in November 2017. It was led by a three-member executive committee of co-chairs Sarah Ecker, Gloria Gavris, and Aaron Goldman.

Sarah Ecker is a community leader and former Community Engagement Director and interim Chief Financial Officer for Mayor Setti Warren and lives in Newtonville.  Gloria Gavris is a community leader and Chair of the West Suburban YMCA and lives in Chestnut Hill.  Aaron Goldman served as a long-time aide to Mayor Setti Warren throughout his two terms and lives in West Newton.

Transition Team members Include: Alicia Bowman, Nicole Castillo, Al Cecchinelli, John Dalzell, Seana Gaherin, Tom Gloria, Holly Gunner, Kalpana Guttman, Adrienne Hartzell, Reverend Howard Haywood, Jennifer Huntington, Judy Jacobson, David Jellinek, Jonathan Kantar, Eli Katzoff, Anne Larner, Lois Levin, Jennifer MacIntyre, Arthur Magni, Howard Mintz, Srdjan Nedeljkovic, Chloe O’Neil (Newton North HS ’18), Nathan Phillips, Angela Pitter-Wright, Tyrone Powell, Joe Prestejohn, Jack Prior, Jeffrey Sacks, City Councilor Amy Mah Sangiolo, Teresa Sauro, Sydra Schnipper, John Sisson, Rabbi Keith Stern, and Jay Walter.


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