A Village 14 reader writes..

I moved to Newton from Cambridge a year ago, and I was pleased to hear there is a 311 system and especially that it’s connected to SeeClickFix.com.  I’ve used it quite a bit and appreciate that I can open a ticket about an issue and have it routed to the right person.

But I’ve noticed that the 311 center frequently closes requests without any resolution indicated.

For example, I noticed this one on SeeClickFix recently: https://seeclickfix.com/issues/3691795 . 

I also submitted one via 311 online (ref W241582-090517), where all I received was an “issue closed” notification, but no indication of what happened.  (I can’t tell that anything has been fixed on that issue, by the way.)

What is the process for closing issues and ensuring the requester knows what happened?  What do you do if the issue can’t be resolved?  Is there an “unresolved but closed” status?