Here’s the list of certified candidates who will appear on the Municipal Preliminary Ballot on Tuesday Sept. 12, with the top-2 candidates proceeded to the November finals.

Office  Ward Candidate Name
Ward Councilor 1 Franco Cedrone
Ward Councilor 1 Maria S. Greenberg
Ward Councilor 1 Siobhan Cunningham
Mayor Amy Mah Sangiolo
Mayor Al Cecchinelli
Mayor  Eli Katzoff
Mayor Geoffrey Woodward
Mayor Richard Saunders
Mayor Ruthanne Fuller
Mayor Scott Lennon

And here’s the

Below is a list of certified candidates who will appear on the Nov. 7 ballot. In addition to the names below, the two candidates for Mayor and Ward 1 Ward Councilor with the most votes in the Sept. 12th Preliminary will also appear on the ballot in November. 

Office  Ward Candidate Name
Councilor-at-Large 1 Alison Leary
Councilor-at-Large 1 Allan Ciccone, Jr.
 Councilor-at-Large 1 Janet Sterman
Councilor-at-Large 1 Nicole Castillo
School Committee 1 Bridget Ray-Canada
School Committee 1 Kathleen Marchi
Councilor-at-Large 2 Braden J. Houston
Councilor-at-Large 2 Jake Auchincloss
Councilor-at-Large 2 Susan Albright
School Committee 2 Cyrus Karl Vaghar
School Committee 2 Margaret Albright
Ward Councilor 2 Emily Norton
Councilor-at-Large 3 Andrea Kelley
Councilor-at-Large 3 James Cote
Councilor-at-Large 3 Julia Malakie
School Committee 3

Anping Shen

 School Committee 3 Eileen Sandberg
Ward Councilor 3 Barbara Brousal-Glaser
Councilor-at-Large 4 Josh Krintzman
Councilor-at-Large 4 Leonard J. Gentile
School Committee 4 Diana Fisher Gomberg
Ward Councilor 4 Christopher Markiewicz
Ward Councilor 4 Jay Harney
Councilor-at-Large 5 Andreae Downs
Councilor-at-Large 5 Brian Yates
Councilor-at-Large 5 Deborah Crossley
School Committee 5  Steven Siegel
Ward Councilor 5 John Rice
Councilor-at-Large 6 Victoria Danberg
Councilor-at-Large 6 Greg Schwartz
School Committee 6 Ruth Goldman
Ward Councilor 6 Brenda J. Noel
Ward Councilor 6 Richard Blazar
Councilor-at-Large 7 Marc Laredo
Councilor-at-Large 7 Rebecca Walker Grossman
School Committee 7 Kathleen Shields
Ward Councilor 7 R. Lisle Baker
Councilor-at-Large 8 David Kalis
Councilor-at-Large 8 Richard Lipof
School Committee 8 Matthew Miller
 School Committee 8 Gail Spector
Ward Councilor 8 Cheryl Lappin


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