It’s been a while since I stopped by the city clerk’s office to see if anyone new has pulled papers to run for mayor, city council or school committee recently. Here’s what I discovered that I don’t believe has been previously reported,

Julia Malakie, a Village 14 blogger and a well-know tree enthusiast, is once again running at-large from Ward 3. The difference this year is that long time councilor Ted Hess-Mahan is not seeking reelection. The other Ward 3 at large councilor Jim Cote is running and so is challenger Andrea Kelley

A slew of folks from Ward 1 have pulled papers for various offices, where Scott Lennon is vacating his seat and Ward Councilor Alison Leary is running at large. Already certified to be on the ballot for Leary’s ward seat is Franco Cedrone and Nicole Castillo is set to run at-large. Meanwhile, former alderman and perennial council candidate Allan J Ciccone, has pulled papers for both city council (not sure if at large or not) and school committee.  Also pulling papers for Ward 1 seats (again it’s not always clear if at-large or not): Siobhan Cunningham, Maria Greenberg, Janet Sterman and for school committee: Kathleen Marchi.

Also, there will be another contested at-large contest in Ward 2 with new comer Braden J. Houston certified to run (but with a still secret web site)

Finally, someone named Eli Katzoff (who may or may not be this guy) has pulled papers for mayor.

I only know a few of the folks here but it’s exciting to see so many people interested in serving our city.  Still, if I don’t know you, I assume many others don’t either. Please introduce yourself in the comments section now.

And if I’ve missed anyone, tell us who you are why you’re running too.