Nicole Freedman, the City of Newton’s Director of Transportation shares this:

Thank you all for your continued patience on the Auburndale Square Signalization Project. I want to provide you an update on the project.

As you know, in January, we received numerous complaints from the public about the concurrent signal phasing at Commonwealth and Lexington. In response to the concerns, and based on our internal review, we changed the signal phasing type from concurrent to exclusive on February 10, 2017.

Since that change, we have heard from other residents about increased delays, particularly due to the no right turn on red on Lexington southbound. Based on our engineering review, this morning, we were able to add signage to allow right turn on red after stopping for drivers making the right turn onto Commonwealth Avenue from Lexington Street southbound.

As I mentioned in our last email, our Traffic Engineer has and will continue to observe the intersection; we will continue to review the signal timing and make changes as needed, incorporating the observations of our Traffic Engineer. And, I will plan to send you regular updates to keep you abreast of our progress. Thank you again for your continued interest in this project.

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