Mayor Warren cuts an inner tube ribbon. To the left are David Montague and Nicole Freedman.

Mayor Warren cuts an inner tube ribbon. To the left are David Montague and Nicole Freedman.

It’s nice to bike out of your driveway, pedal a few hundred yards and get a free breakfast. That’s what happens when the city opens up a new Park & Pedal spot around the corner from your house. 

This one brought in Mayor Warren, David Montague (who gave away one of his cool folding bike), the city’s new Director of Transportation nicole Freedman and just about every bike and pedestrian advocate you can imagine. 

Also there were Landry Bicycles, Wheelworks, Hubway, Rejjee, and a bunch of others. Not to mention the free food from Russo’s, Anna’s and Rosenfeld’s. This being the Boston area, there were also boxes of Dunkin coffee. 2016-10-14-07-55-07

If you’ve never used a Park & Pedal I highly recommend it. Just take your bike, put it in your car, drive close to where you want to go and finish the trip on the bike. Getting downtown from Albemarle is relatively quick. Having both driven and biked similar routes, I can attest that during rush hour it is almost always faster to bike. I’ve also taken my bike to Newton Corner and jumped on the bus downtown. It’s an easy way to commute that saves on parking and gets you outside a bit. Also, the ride from a place like Albemarle to Newton Corner is short enough that you don’t work up a big sweat. 

Standing out there on a chilly fall morning it’s fun to watch all the bike commuters move down Crafts Street as they head into the city. There we also a number of young families with kids on bikes headed to Horace Mann. Had I been out there a bit earlier (I didn’t get there until the 8am start time) I would have also seen the kids biking to North and Day. If you have a chance, go to North at some point during the day and look at the huge number of bikes there just to get a sense of how many kids use this as a key method of transportation. There aren’t nearly enough bike locks for everyone, with bikes attached to fences, trees and anything that will hold them. We need to make sure our streets are safe not just for adults, but for our teens who use two-wheels as their primary vehicles. 

Count my three among that group, so this is a personal issue.

In addition to this launch, the mayor teased a major transit announcement he’ll be making on Monday evening at the City Council meeting.