Second in the series. See the first installment for an overview.

In this installment of Learning from CHS: a look at the sidewalk that leads from the north retail section down to Route 9. On this critical path, the sidewalk narrows dramatically, because of a sign and a light stanchion, both of which were both part of the original design. 

Bottom line:

  • Pedestrians are not provided with a safe, inviting route to the corner of Route 9 — bad
  • Bad design decisions further reduce sidewalk width — bad

Who’s to blame for this? While the original design is the developer’s, this is something that city professionals, the then alder-critters, and those of us advocating for pedestrian accommodations should have noticed and demanded be changed. I’m getting old, so may not remember, but I don’t think anybody raised the light stanchion as an issue. I believe I (and probably others) noted that the corner itself was uninviting and potentially dangerous.


  • Sidewalks need to be wide and protected, considering all planned and potential obstructions

This is not the only example at Chestnut Hill Square of a design element reducing the sidewalk width, just the most egregious.

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