This comes from the MBTA Advisory Board….

The MBTA Advisory Board, a member of the Boston MPO, has developed a tool to measure the experience of the typical transit user and their level of satisfaction with the service they receive.   Please follow this link, http://www.transitdiary.com/login/ and help us track your transit experience.

We are asking people to note their travel experience for at least two weeks.  The process is simple: create an account and set your personal preferences (by far the longest part of the Transit Diary experience) and then, on your cell phone, tablet or at your desk or laptop, spend about 30 seconds logging the information about your journey.  Unlike other surveys, the Transit Diary will give us a real sense of the typical commute as opposed to a snapshot of one day.  We will be able to see trends and problems related to mode, time of day, weather, seasons and other factors.  We are very excited about the value of this tool to make the transit system better.

Our message to you the user of the MBTA is simply that you paid for it, now own it. We hope that this tool will help us all get the transit service we deserve.  The Advisory Board invites you to participate in using this survey tool to help us make the MBTA a better service for those who depend upon it.

Thank You.

Paul Regan

Executive Director

MBTA Advisory Board


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