In a letter in the TAB titled ‘My street is not your shortcut,’ Virginia Robinson takes issue with folks who use her quiet street to avoid traffic on busier roads.

… have you considered the cost to residents of said “quiet neighborhoods” that you and other use as short cuts? Our particular short cut (two short blocks) has at this point a total of 14 very young children, four somewhat older children, and numerous frequently visiting grandchildren from toddler age up. One dearly beloved dog died on our street not too long ago as a result of a hit and run driver. Frustrated drivers sometimes take out their distress by speeding down our streets, or don’t stop at stop signs. The glut of traffic increases air pollution. The noise wakes us at odd hours. Even more egregious offenders of the public good are the large and noisy trucks, spewing noise and pollution, which love to use our “short cut.”

Is the letter writer making a reasonable request? Do you avoid cutting through neighborhoods as a courtesy to folks there? Should she have to endure the exposure to air pollution, noise, traffic that folks on busier streets do? Is any route at all fair game?

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