The senior center lives!

Let’s take a break from the forthcoming primary election to reminisce about a proposal offered by Mayor Fuller that, ironically, brought about a tremendous sense of unity in the city. I say “ironically” because the unity that resulted was counter to...

Why not a survey for the Senior Center?

I note with pleasure that the City is conducting a comprehensive survey about people’s attitudes as it considers an update to the Open Space and Recreation Plan. (Deadline, by the way, of 13 February.) This is a thoughtful and well constructed instrument. Simple...

A senior center for seniors

It is no surprise that Marian Leah Knapp offers a thoughtful, eloquent, and on-target assessment of the issues surrounding a senior center for Newton (in the latest issue of the Tab.) Marian is a recognized authority on the general issue of aging and she has been...
Slow down on NewCAL

Slow down on NewCAL

As a long-time public administrator, I always take heart when an elected official has the creativity to propose a forward-looking project for the benefit of the public.  It’s not easy to go through the process of scoping, planning, designing, siting, and funding such...
Hey buddy, can you spare a couple acres?

Hey buddy, can you spare a couple acres?

You might recall that the city has embarked on an ambitious project to replace our current, insufficient Senior Center with a new ‘Center for Active Living’ (NewCAL).  A project team has been working since last spring to define the programmatic needs and...

NewCAL – What?

This is a guest blog post. 

I participate in several exercise classes at the Newton Senior Center. During the previous municipal election season I was present when candidates listened to seniors asking for a larger and upgraded senior center. Post-election, the Mayor’s office decided to push for a multigenerational facility called NewCAL – Newton Center for Active Living, instead of a new or expanded senior center. This switch has not been welcomed by folks who frequent the Senior Center.

The proposed name marginalizes seniors who are

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