NewCAL community meetings postponed

Two NewCAL meetings scheduled for Nov. 21 and Dec. 12 have been postponed until further notice. Here’s the note on the NewCAL website: “Please note that we have decided to postpone the NewCAL community meeting scheduled for this Thursday, November 21, as well as...

Mayor asks working group to re-assess NewCAL sites, including Newton Centre triangle

I am the Chair of the Newton Council on Aging. Last night, we had our first meeting of the year, which was also one of the NewCAL Community Meetings. The meeting was attended by Mayor Fuller and Commissioners Colino, DeRubeis and Morse, members of the Council on Aging, and a very small number of members of the community.

The purpose of this letter is to apprise the community of what happened at our meeting last night.

Council on Aging supports Albemarle as ‘potential’ NewCAL site

Newton’s Council on Aging have shared the following letter, which was sent to the Parks and Recreation Commission in support of NewCAL at Albmarle Field.

As members of Newton’s Council on Aging, we have been long time advocates for a new Senior Center.

We have followed the NewCAL site selection process closely, and look forward to the feasibility study to follow. We appreciate that enormous effort has been expended in getting to this point, with the thoughtful and thorough involvement of many participants. We want to

Is this really the NewCAL ‘process?’

I received a report from an attendee that here was an event last night for city council candidates to ask questions of department heads. One of the candidates was told that the list for NewCAL was narrowed to six locations yesterday, with an announcement coming...

Mission creep at NewCAL

Many people have written comments here or to me directly in agreement with my article suggesting that parkland, open space, or other protected land should not be used for the proposed senior center, aka NewCAL. But we all recognize, as well, that the current facility on Walnut Street needs replacement. How do we thread the needle between these two desires?

One of my heroes, long-time developer and philanthropist Norman Leventhal, always used to ask me and others considering a new project: “What’s the program?” He would follow this question by saying, “The program will drive the design.”

In the case of NewCAL, the process for determining the program was flawed. I’m not saying that those working on the concept were poorly intentioned. I’m saying, instead, that their

Slow down on NewCAL

Slow down on NewCAL

As a long-time public administrator, I always take heart when an elected official has the creativity to propose a forward-looking project for the benefit of the public.  It’s not easy to go through the process of scoping, planning, designing, siting, and funding such...

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