We have 48 hours until the election polls close but tonight we’ve just finished tallying the results for the 2021 Newton Political Swag Award. 

This competition was first instituted back in 2017 when Brenda Noel upped the entire category of Newton political swag with her ground brreaking bottle openers.

This year the competition definitely ratcheted up a notch.  Paul Levy had an early edge with his way cool screen/glass cleaners

In the end it turned out that neither he nor any of the other candidates had a chance for the gold.

The 2021 Newton Political Swag Award is unambiguously awarded to Emily Norton for her dazzling contribution to the field of political swag with her stunning bamboo toothbrushes.

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Congratulations to Emily Norton and also to runner-up Paul Levy for continuing to push the frontiers of quality political swag.    I thank you and my teeth and computer screens thank you