I was at a backyard potluck dinner tonight in Thompsonville tonight at our good friends Anne Marie Stein & Lee McDonald’s.  It was their last hurrah for their house.  We helped them move in there 25+ years ago and this week its going to be knocked down and rebuilt anew.

About 20 of their neighbors and friends had gathered to reminisce and mark the momentous occasion.  Everyone was having a fine time, lots of food was cooking on the campfire when a stranger walked up the driveway.  It was Ward 6 City Council candidate Brenda Noel.  As people warily sized up the intruder, Brenda reached into her pocket and said “I think you need a few of these” and handed BRENDA bottle openers to the crowd.

The mood changed instantly and she was welcomed in to the gathering.  She gave a very well received five minute campaign speech to the backyard gathering and then was on her way.  The BRENDA bottle openers she left behind were a big hit and people talked about her and her campaign long after she was gone.

In my book, Brenda has first prize so far in the 2017 Campaign Swag contest..  Are there any other campaign swag contenders out there?  If not, its time to “up your game” and send a sample to me to get in the running.  In the meantime since I’m not a Ward 6 resident, I promise to forward my BRENDA bottle opener to one of my T’ville buddies.



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