The Boston Globe’s “This week in weed” newsletter asked all the Democratic candidates running for Congress in the 4th District primary their views on the legalization of marijuana.

The Globe also published a story this week headlined Rivals hit Jake Auchincloss over marijuana skepticism. 

As a city councilor, Auchincloss opposed allowing recreational pot stores in Newton, saying substance abuse experts had “begged” him not to implement the ballot initiative in Newton and claiming inaccurately that cannabis use among young people has “exploded” in Colorado since commercial pot sales began there in 2014.


The retail footprint of marijuana is bad for Newton,” Auchincloss said at a July 2018 Newton City Council meeting. “Newton would be the magnet city for retail marijuana sales, coming from the north, from the west, and from the south. …We’re going to have a lot of intoxicated drivers on Newton roads coming back from the various [cannabis] stores.”

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