Update: Baker has shut schools for three weeks, closed restaurants and bars, and barred gatherings over 25 people. Good.

Mayor Fuller,

I saw pictures of the crowds in Cleveland Circle and in South Boston last night and watched Governor Baker’s appearance on WCVB this morning and it is clear that the Commonwealth is not doing enough in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.
I implore you to ask the governor, very publicly, to impose the tightest lockdown possible until we have passed the peak for COVID-19. We need to shut schools (except for necessary services to vulnerable communities), close bars and restaurants, impose a curfew, impose access controls in grocery stores (to enforce gaps), and take whatever other steps to mitigate the spread of the disease.
We know what is coming. A dear friend is a pulmonologist at Children’s Hospital. They are projecting to be overcapacity with beds and equipment by Friday. In five days. In five days, people are going to die or become much sicker (and suffer long-term health consequences), because the numbers will be greater than our health systems can handle.
What’s so troubling about the scene in Cleveland Circle is that it is not a Boston problem. The folks that were crowded together in the midst of a pandemic are going to have contact with people in Newton, in Brookline, across the state. The virus could care less about municipal borders.
Sadly, it does not appear that the governor is treating the crisis with sufficient urgency. I call on you as a respected leader in the region to demand that the governor step up and protect us all.
At this point, we cannot do too much.
Thank you.
Sean Roche

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