Whatever your view on the desirability of referenda to settle matters of great complexity, our recent Northland vote provides an opportunity to test a claim: that ward councilors are uniquely capable of divining and representing the wishes of their constituents. It’s not often that our elected officials vote and we get to vote on exactly the same item.

Here are the ward councilor votes on the special permit and the vote percentages by ward from Tuesday. Note, these are the councilors from the last term, when the council voted on the special permit.

Ward Councilor Vote % Y/N
1 Scibelli Greenberg Y 57.4/42.6
2 Norton N 60.2/39.8
3 Brousal‐Glaser Y 57.2/42.8
4 Markiewicz N 53.0/47.0
5 Rice Y 58.7/41.3
6 Noel Y 64.8/35.2
7 Baker N 64.5/35.5
8 Lappin Y 47.5/52.5

How well did your ward councilor represent?

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