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On Jan. 2, one day after she was sworn in to the Newton City Council, the newly elected Ward 3 Councilor Julia Malakie filed an “urgent” request with the Newton Historical Commission to landmark the Washington Street used car dealership pictured above and six other West Newton Buildings for landmark status.

Also on Malakie’s list is this property at 978 Watertown Street


…also on Councilor Malakie’s urgent landmark list is the Bank of America Building on Chestnut Street.

Do these buildings look “historic” to you? They don’t to me.

Nonetheless, it appears that a city councilors have the unique power to request landmark status, without even notifying the property owners in advance.  And under current regulations, property owners must only be given two weeks notice when their property is about to be given landmark status. That’s what happened in this case:  Councilor Malakie tells me she did not speak with any of the propriety owners in advance and the owners were only notified about a week and a half ago about a hearing on the request that’s happening Thursday, Jan. 23 at 7 p.m. in Room 205 at City Hall.

Here’s the full list of sites Malkie is seeking to protect.

  • 1253 Washington Street,
  • 1173 Washington Street
  • 978 Watertown Street,
  • 1239-1247 Washington Street
  • 1235 Washington Street
  • 1 Chestnut Street


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