We had our elections. We have our results. They are already over 12 hours old. Time to move on. What’s next?

Who will be president of City Council v2020? Committee chairs?

Who’s up? Who’s down?

What’s the impact on large developments? On zoning?

What issue comes to the fore that’s not there now? Trees? LGBTQ+? 

What about our congressional candidates?

Senior Center? Marijuana? Webster Woods? Horace Mann? 

We’ve never had a hew-to-the-post commenting rule, but let’s try to keep this thread framed in terms of the impact of the newest Council composition on the issues near and dear. Shall we?

Also, I’m going to write my election takeaways post(s) sometime in the next few days. Nobody gets to complain later that I covered something that got covered in the comments here. V14 founder privilege.

Have at it!