If you’re here, it’s because you’ve voted. If you didn’t vote, hit the back button, go vote, and come back.

As we offer most every year, here’s your chance to beat the best municipal election prognosticators with your keen political insight. Who’s going to win the contested races?

  • Ward 1 ward councilor: Maria Scibelli-Greenberg (I) or Allan Ciccone
  • Ward 2 ward councilor: Emily Norton (I) or Bryan Barash
  • Ward 2 at-large (pick 2): Susan Albright (I), Jake Auchincloss (I), Tarik Lukas, or Jennifer Bentley
  • Ward 3 ward councilor: Julia Malakie or Carolina Ventura
  • Ward 3 at-large (pick 2): Andrea Kelley (I), Jim Cote (I), or Pam Wright
  • Ward 5 ward councilor: Bill Humphrey or Kathy Winter (Rena Getz will not win)
  • Ward 5 at-large (pick 2): Deb Crossley (I), Andreae Downs (I), or Paul Coletti
  • Ward 6 ward councilor: Brenda Noel (I) or Lisa Gordon
  • Ward 6 at-large (pick 2): Vicki Danberg (I), Greg Schwartz (I), or Alicia Bowman

That’s a lot of candidates!

First tie-breaker: top vote getter.
Second tie-breaker: closest race. Either the difference between the winner and runner-up in a ward race or the difference between the second and third in an at-large race. The difference between one and two or three and four in an at-large race don’t qualify.
Third tie-breaker: total votes cast for candidates in the Ward 2 ward councilor race.

As per tradition, the winner gets a free subscription to Village 14. The runner-up gets two subscriptions.

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