Three years ago, back when Northland first announced plans to redevelop its properties along Needham Street, the question I was most frequently asked wasn’t about traffic, school crowding, the number of parking spaces, or how many units of affordable housing there would be.  It was:

“What’s going to happen to my Marshalls?”

When you think about it, that’s not really very surprising.  I don’t recall when the Marshalls at 275 Needham Street first opened, but it seems like it has been there forever.  Certainly it played a big role in clothing my family, furnishing our home and, most recently, as a source for snacks since it is right across the parking lot from my office.   

 It’s also been a big economic engine driving foot traffic to other businesses on Needham Street.

Although I’m more of the get-what-you-need-and-get-out-quick type of shopper, for others Marshalls and other TJX stores are a form of entertainment, a place to spend hours hunting for that special thing.

Then a few days, or a week later, you return and do it again.

Next week, the store at 275 Needham closes for good (and already as you can see from the photo, the place is pretty much stripped clean). The good news is the store and their employees are only moving across the street to the site that used to be TJ Maxx (before TJ Maxx moved down the street to Newton Nexus).

But let’s pause to appreciate this old location, the generations of families it clothed and the hours so many shoppers from Newton and beyond spent there.