I brought this up on earlier threads, but after thinking more about it over the weekend, it seemed worthy of being its own thread.

During the Ward 5 City Council debate candidate Paul Coletti, who is running this fall a decade after having served as a member of Newton’s Board of Aldermen for 32 years, made a revelation that startled me when he alleged that “many, many” of his former board colleagues profited personally “doing business with the very people they were giving permits to.”

Watch Coletti’s comment here…

There’s likely nothing that can or should be done about what happened a decades ago. And to be clear, Coletti does not say that he engaged in this process (but it would be great if some enterprising reporter would ask him that just to clear the record). But this same type of alleged behavior recalls a current controversy in Boston surrounding conflicts with members of its Zoning Board of Appeals.

Certainly, it should remind us all as to why we need strong ethical guidelines and enforcement at all level of government. And perhaps it’s also a good argument for removing some of the smaller permitting decisions from our councilors’ plates.