In three separate votes Monday, the Newton City Council voted to give themselves, the mayor and the school committee a raise. In all three voters, 22 voted in favor with two (Councilors Auchincloss and Grossman) against, 

Pending the mayor’s approval, effective Jan. 1, 2020:

  • Councilors will earn a $15,500 annual stipend (up from $9,750)
  • School committee members stipend would increase to $7,750.00 (up from $4,875)
  • Mayor compensation will go to $155,000.00 (up from $125,000)

The last raise that the city council received was in 1999. It was reported in a committee meeting that the mayor has said she will veto anything over $11,000 for the city councilors salary.  But last night City Council President Marc Laredo said that if mayor vetos the raises, the council would vote to override her veto at its Sept. 30 meeting. Overriding a veto requires a 2/3rd majority (18 votes).