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Opt-Out Newton, the committee behind last year’s unsuccessful campaign to ban recreational marijuana shops in Newton recently sent this email to its supporters…

Dear Opt Out Supporter, 

As you know, the current city council leans in favor of the expansion of marijuana retail and thwarted us at every turn in our efforts to get an intelligible, non-confusing marijuana question on the ballot. However, we were usually only one or two votes away from having more sensible marijuana policies. With some changes in the city council, we hope that there will be a more reasonable marijuana policy regarding zoning, siting, and regulation in Newton that puts the public interest above the interests of marijuana companies, who spent over $328,000 on the election to defeat Opt Out. Additionally, we want to make sure we have a city council that does NOT vote to allow marijuana cafes and bars to open in Newton.

In the coming weeks, we will be sending out a list of city council candidates who support more sensible marijuana policies. In the interim, we wanted to introduce you to six new candidates for city council, all of whom are different, but all of whom support more reasonable marijuana policies. This is not yet an endorsement, as some of them are challenging current city councilors who also supported Opt Out, but come meet them this weekend to find out more about their positions:

he New Challengers:

  • Rena Getz – Ward Councilor, Ward 5 (who has a preliminary election this Tuesday, September 10 — Get out and vote! Rena is the only Opt Out supporter in this race): https://renagetz.org/