With the Labor Day weekend upon us, we’re entering the time when most folks first begin to focus on our fall elections, including seven contested citywide races for City Council and School Committee and five of the contested ward council races. (And it all starts in less than two weeks with a preliminary contest in Ward 5).

Which contests from the list below that you’re watching most closely and why?

Councilor at large (top two winners prevail) All voters eligible to participate.

  • Ward 2: Jacob Daniel Auchincloss, Susan S. Albright, Jennifer A. Bentley, Tarik J. Lucas.
  • Ward 3,  Andrea W. Kelley, James R. Cote, Pamela A. Wright.
  • Ward 5:  Andreae Downs, Deborah J. Crossley, Paul Edward Coletti
  • Ward 6: Greg Schwartz, Victoria L. Danberg, Alicia G. Bowman.

School Committee, All voters eligible to participate.

  • Ward 4: Alexander Koifman vs. Tamika Olszewski 
  • Ward 5: Emily Rachel Prenner vs Lev Agranovich
  • Ward 6: Ruth E. Goldman,vs. Galina N. Rosenblit.

Ward Councilors:” Must live in that ward to vote

  • Ward 1: Allan L. Ciccone vs. Maria Scibelli Greenberg
  • Ward 2:  Bryan P. Barash vs. Emily Norton
  • Ward 3:  Carolina D. Ventura vs. Julia Malakie
  • Ward 5: Top two winners of Sept. 10 preliminary between Kathryn K. Winters, Rena L. Getz, William Humphrey 
  • Ward 6: Lisa R. Teuscher Gordon vs. Brenda Noel



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