A fascinating new Boston Indicators study, Changing Faces of Greater Boston released today shows that Newton, along with the rest of Greater Boston is in the midst of a transformation.  This graph was written to describe the overall region, but seems to apply to Newton as well.

Over the past few decades, our economy has expanded, and our population has grown. And while our region has long had a reputation for being overwhelmingly white, this perception lags far behind reality. Nearly all of our recent population growth has been driven by immigrants, particularly immigrants of color, who have decided to call our region home. After a decline during the mid-20th century, we’re now several decades into a new global wave of immigration, bringing Boston back to its roots as a city of immigrants.

I’ve only begun to review the report but locally, the study shows that Newton’s population has gone from being 91.3% white in 1990 to 73.8% white in 2017.  See the chart here  (you’ll have to type in or hover over Newton to see our specific data). 

In addition, Newton’s foreign born population has soared from 13% to 22% over the same period,  which means more than one out of every five residents were born outside of the United States.

The same study shows that our median home price over that same period soared 250% from $308,000 in 1990 to $1,079,000 in 2017.