Amy Sangiolo’s email newsletter provides the relevant links to the latest charter revisions debate.

The City Council’s agenda for it’s Full Council Meeting includes a request for Home Rule Legislation to amend the City’s Charter to include 2019 recommendations by the Charter Subcommittee except for those related to composition and term limits for the City Council and Mayor. Last week, the Administration sent out this memo to the City Council stating that the Mayor would veto the request should the City Council keep a provision granting authority for the City Council to hire it’s own legal counsel under certain circumstances. In response, the Chair of the Charter subcommittee has forwarded this memo to the City Council informing them of his decision to offer to remove that provision from the Charter amendment recommendations and once that vote has been taken, to offer the Charter Subcommittee recommendations for a full vote of the Council. A memo from the Chair of the Programs and Services Committee detailing the changes can be found here.