Seems only fair to give Councilor Lisle Baker’s response to my commentary on an unedited transcript of his six-minute remarks at the 2/11/19 Zoning and Planning meeting somewhat more prominence than the 93d comment on a thread. What follows is his unedited comment. You can see it as it appeared as a comment here.

What do you think? Did he adequately respond to the substantive criticisms? Did he stake the moral high ground? Are there open questions? Let us know in the comments. — Sean Roche

I am late to reading this column and these posts. All I can report is simply that a number of citizens have expressed concerns that what is being proposed for Washington Street is not yet wise policy. In this case, I have tried to express my reservations about larger scale development, removing parking minimums and reducing travel lanes without better alternatives. (For the record, I chaired a Committee of the Boston Bar Association that advocated for bicycle incentives as far back as the mid-1970’s and I regularly rode my bike to work downtown.) More important, I hope that the tone of Mr. Roche’s sidebar comments does not chill the willingness of others to express their concerns about whatever is proposed so that the Council can work through what makes sense, recognizing that reasonable people may still disagree. Also, I hope that those who have worked with me have felt treated fairly and respectfully. If not, I will try to make it right, as we should be able to disagree without being disagreeable. In the meantime, I am glad to talk in person with anyone on this forum or otherwise, including Mr. Roche, and my home phone is 617-566-3848. Thank you. – Councilor Lisle Baker

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